2006 Bonspiel Schedule

April 7th, 8th & 9th, 2006

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Here is the schedule from the 2006 Desert Ice Bonspiel


Group A Group B Group C Group D
Huntress Horsman Longmore Zastrow
Jensen Marshall Wilson, Jim Tait
Brown Gallagher McCann Kizlyk
Wilson, Jon Sanford Mitchell Maxie
Group A
Game Date Time Sheet
Huntress vs. Jensen 1 Friday 11:00am A
Huntress and Jensen Tiebreaker Friday 1:00pm A
Brown vs. Wilson, Jon 5 Friday 1:30pm A
Brown and Wilson, Jon Tiebreaker Friday 3:30pm A
Huntress vs. Brown 9 Friday 4:00pm B
Jensen vs. Wilson, Jon 13 Saturday 8:00am B
Huntress vs. Wilson, Jon 17 Saturday 11:00am C
Jensen vs. Brown 21 Saturday 1:15pm C
Group B
Game Date Time Sheet
Horsman vs. Marshall 2 Friday 11:00am B
Horsman and Marshall Tiebreaker Friday 1:00pm B
Gallagher vs. Sanford 6 Friday 1:30pm B
Gallagher and Sanford Tiebreaker Friday 3:30pm B
Horsman vs. Gallagher 10 Friday 4:00pm C
Marshall vs. Sanford 14 Saturday 8:00am C
Horsman vs. Sanford 18 Saturday 11:00am D
Marshall vs. Gallagher 22 Saturday 1:15pm D
Group C
Game Date Time Sheet
Longmore vs. Wilson, Jim 3 Friday 11:00am C
Longmore and Wilson, Jim Tiebreaker Friday 1:00pm C
McCann vs. Mitchell 7 Friday 1:30pm C
McCann and Mitchell Tiebreaker Friday 3:30pm C
Longmore vs. McCann 11 Friday 4:00pm D
Wilson, Jim vs. Mitchell 15 Saturday 8:00am D
Longmore vs. Mitchell 19 Saturday 11:00am A
Wilson, Jim vs. McCann 23 Saturday 1:15pm A
Group D
Game Date Time Sheet
Zastrow vs. Tait 4 Friday 11:00am D
Zastrow and Tait Tiebreaker Friday 1:00pm D
Kizlyk vs. Maxie 8 Friday 1:30pm D
Kizlyk and Maxie Tiebreaker Friday 3:30pm D
Zastrow vs. Kizlyk 12 Friday 4:00pm A
Tait vs. Maxie 16 Saturday 8:00am A
Zastrow vs. Maxie 20 Saturday 11:00am B
Tait vs. Kizlyk 24 Saturday 1:15pm B